AgriWebb updates
AgriWebb updates

Easy Animal Inductions




Inducting animals on farm soon?

Check out the latest updates to the live session setup and CSV importer to make induction quicker and more accurate

Live Session Updates:

  • Add Animals by age class for easier auto-ageing
  • Multi age class and breed options
  • Date of birth accuracy that suits you

To access, make sure you are on the latest app version!

Check out this video to find out more.

Import Animals Updates:

  • Import Animals by age class for easier auto-ageing
  • Choose a date of birth accuracy that suits you, day, month or year
  • Plus, lots of tweaks to make it simpler to map your CSV file using the Animal Importer

Learn more about importing animals.

Available Plans: All Individual Animal Management Plans

Treatment records - new and improved




We have added lots of improvements to Treatment records in AgriWebb, making it easier and quicker to keep your records accurate and up to date!

Check them out via this video.

Wool Harvest Record




Shearing and Crutching records are now found within the one Wool Harvest record on both desktop and mobile!

Check out the new record via this video and for more details visit the help article!

Customise your farm breeds




One of our most requested features is now available!

You can now customise your breed list by going to Farm Settings on the Web app and select which breeds are relevant to your operation.

For more detail, check out the help article here.

Transaction email notifications




[This is available for mob or individual Enterprise Plans only]

Keep your head office, admin or finance teams informed of all on-farm transactions to reduce manual communication and ensure nothing slips through the cracks!

Send real time email notifications when creating or editing records on the web or mobile. Notifications are available for: 

  • Livestock sale and purchase records
  • Livestock transfer records
  • Livestock death records
  • Commodity sale and purchase records

If you are an organisation admin, Log In to the Web App to set notifications for specific user roles via Account Settings. Individual users can update their notifications settings via Account Settings too.  

Mob web app records




Web App


New mob desktop records are here! 🎉 🤩

You can now create the following livestock records from the desktop:

  • Weigh
  • Condition Score
  • Pregnancy Scan
  • Death
  • Sale
  • Purchase (additional purchase details when creating a mob)

We've also improved these records on the mobile app, to make your record keeping even quicker.

We're working on bringing all livestock records to the web app, so stay tuned for updates as more become available!

Delete animals and records




You can now delete individual animals and records so you can correct any mistakes and ensure you're maintaining accurate records.

Delete Animal will delete the animal from AgriWebb, removing it from all records and updating your farm reports. You should only use delete animal when you want to totally remove the animal and all of its history from AgriWebb. This is available on the Web App only.

Deleting a record from an animal's history will delete the record and remove all data from AgriWebb for that animal only. If there is simply a mistake on the record but the record was applied to that animal you should use the edit function. This is available on both the Web App and Mobile App.

Both delete animal and record are available to Admin and Farm Manager Users only. You can read more about delete animal and delete record in our help centre.

NLIS Integration





Our NLIS Integration is here! 😄

This means that you can submit livestock death, sale, purchase, transfer, retags and birth records to the NLIS database directly through the AgriWebb Web App.

For more detail on how to connect to NLIS through AgriWebb and submit records check out our guide.

Don't forget to share your feedback. We'd love to hear from you!

Birth Record Improvements





Over the last few weeks we have made a number of changes to the way Birth Records work for individual animals:

  1. A save and next option on bulk records so you can create multiple birth records quickly and reduce duplicate data entry

  2. The next BCMS and APHIS tag numbers will be automatically populated when creating multiple birth records in a row using save and next

  3. We set the offsprings sire on the birth record based on the joining or scanning record and the offspring breed based on the offsprings parentage

  4. The birth report now includes all the information captured during a birth record

  5. Added a new offspring report

Livestock Activity





A Livestock Activity List in now available for individual animal management on the web portal!

The Livestock Activity List is a full summary of your individual animals activity on farm. The list is updated whenever you import new animals, add a record to an animal, or run a live session.

image (9).png

You can search and filter your Activity List by record type, session name, date and who created the record to give you full visibility around what has been happening on farm and easily find and review events that have taken place in the past.

Clicking on a record in the list will give you a summary of that record or session as well as let you click through to the list of animals that record applies to.

image (10).png

Read more here or check it out on your AgriWebb now :)