Mobile App 3.0.8

Minor performance and stability improvements

Mobile App 3.0.7


  • Improved handling of rainfall record list when large font and zoom modes are enabled.
  • Improved label visibility for very large paddocks.

Mobile App 3.0.6


  • The current farm will not be shown in the list of farms available to download.
  • Improved handling of poor internet connections.

Mobile App 3.0.5


  • The livestock in paddock page will close correctly when all livestock has been moved out.
  • Performance and stability improvements.

Mobile App 3.0.4


  • Switching map modes will no longer reset the map filters.
  • Livestock listed on the map will display correctly and move smoothly even with very large numbers of mobs.
  • Recording a sowing record will immediately update the paddock.

Mobile App 3.0.3


  • Performance and stability improvements

Mobile App 3.0

It’s the beginning of a new phase in AgriWebb’s evolution and we’re starting with new navigation that simplifies how to get around the app and makes room for some great new features in the future.

We’ve also unified the maps into a single one where you can quickly switch between the different modes of livestock, paddocks, and tasks.

iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR - map.png

Mobile App 2.1.23


  • Improved stability of offline paddock records to handle poor internet connectivity.
  • Pregnancy records will retrieve the mob at the time of the record to make it easier to back date a scan and edit historical records.

Mobile App 2.1.22


  • While editing a paddock the add feature dialog will not appear if you long press the map.

Mobile App 2.1.20


  • Main navigation tabs will never hide when reloading the app.
  • Paddocks without an arable land size will no longer cause an error when spray records are created.