Mobile App 3.2.8

Individual Animal Management


  • Move records have been introduced. Set locations for individual animals in bulk records.
  • Manual drafting options have been added to live sessions allowing you to draft individuals into new locations.


  • The new simple scan quick live session record makes it easy to process a set of animals and to create records later with all the animals scanned.


Mobile App 3.2.4


  • Tag and Replace tag records can now be applied as bulk records and as ad hoc records in a live session.


  • Dosage and containers can be entered for treatments defined by a record template.

Mobile App 3.2.3

Feed records have many exciting new capabilities

  • Select multiple feed items at once in your feed records.
  • Define a feed mix by total or percentage and allocate the mix to your livestock.
  • Optionally you can choose to allocate different feed amounts across the paddocks that make up the record.


New Reports Layout

We have given the reports area of the web app a big refresh to make it easier to get to the report you need.

A quick and easy top-level navigation has been introduced to group together related reports. Within a report area page, we have separated out record lists from the detailed reports and grouped these by their category.

On the Mobs report page you will find the new Livestock activity by user report. See a breakdown of all livestock records on your farm and who created it.


Mobile App 3.2.1


  • Access farm map insights on the go. Tap on the map options button on the farm map page (the cog in the toolbar) and select the insight to apply to the map.

Map Insights.jpg

New paddock types

New paddock types have been introduced: laneway, vegetation, yards, feedlot, pen. This means that newly created laneways and vegetation will now be able to hold animals.

Three new animal enclosures have been added: yards, feedlots, and pens. You can edit these and switch between them by changing their ‘land use’ in the paddock details.

With more types to choose from, we have increased the colour palette so you can better differentiate your areas on your map.


Available now on the web app and from version 3.1.6 on the mobile app.

Custom Financial Year Dates

You can now customise the financial year dates that are used for your reports.

The records used to produce your reports can be filtered using the date picker at the top of the page. These include quick options for 'This Financial Year' and 'Last Financial Year'.


However, if your default financial year dates are inaccurate, these can be customised through your farm preferences. Find these settings under your your farm preferences under Account > Farm Management > Edit > Settings.

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 5.20.51 pm.png

Learn more about setting custom financial year dates here

Mobile App 3.1.14


  • Add multiple containers of the same inventory in one go. Enter the inventory details and then enter the number of containers to duplicate the same inventory.

Mobile App 3.1.13

All of the recent updates are now available on the AgriWebb Mobile App. Download the update today to access these new features:

  • Archive and filter inventory items. Filter inventory that is running low or has expired quickly from the inventory lists. Archive items to maintain your inventory history without cluttering up your list of current items.
  • Add solar pumps, feeders, and bait landmarks using the farm map editor.
  • Quickly and easily add pivots to your farm map with the new pivot paddock creation tool now available on the farm map editor.
  • The farm summary has been updated with a clean look and new charts showing the breakdown of your animals by breed.
  • (UK) Track individual animal treatments in live and bulk records.

Add multiple inventory containers at the same time

We have made more improvements to inventory! Now you can add multiple containers of the same inventory in one go on the web app today, and mobile app soon. Enter the inventory details and then enter the number of containers to duplicate the same inventory. If the containers have different batch numbers, expiry dates or remaining amounts, click on the checkbox to use different values for each container.

Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 1.14.20 pm.png

Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 1.15.11 pm.png