Mobile App 2.1.7


  • The add livestock button on the mob farm map has been given a new coat of paint. Long press on a paddock on the mob map to add livestock straight into the paddock.



  • The rainfall summary for the default rain gauge will load without error.
  • Improved performance and stability of loading the livestock details page.

Bulk update your FOO, PGR & Minimum FOO


  • Bulk paddock actions for setting feed on offer, target minimum feed on offer and pasture growth rate are available in the 'Paddocks' page. Simply select the paddocks in the list then click the action from the dropdown in the toolbar to update.

Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 10.36.33 am.png

Mobile App 2.1.5


  • The farm map will be positioned correctly on the iPhone XS and XR.
  • Tweaking background and stat box styling to make them easier to see.
  • Line breaks are preserved and shown in notes

Mobile App 2.1.4


  • Switching between the map modes will now maintain the current map zoom and location.
  • Long mob lists will display correctly on the paddock details page

Mobile App 2.1.2


  • The mobs within a paddock are listed and can be opened from the paddock details page.


  • Switching farms will no longer list farms that have already been downloaded to your device.
  • Improved more actions dialog when large text modes are enabled

Mobile App 2.1.1


  • Choose between basic and advanced pregnancy scan record when recording pregnancy counts.


  • Feed records can be deleted.
  • Split Movement history card display the to and from paddocks

Mobile App 2.1.0

We have refreshed the look and feel of the mobile app. Everything that you know and love is still there, but now with a shiny new coat of paint.



  • New mobile app look and feel
  • Group mobs by management tag.
  • Mob Activity page. New to the Menu page the Mob activity dialog lists all mob events recorded on your farm in chronological order. Filter by record groups and jump to the mob or record details directly from the event.
  • Pregnancy scan counters and mob score counter tools can be launched from the pregnancy scan and score record dialogs. Use the counters while in the yards to make it easier to keep track of your counts.
  • Open the mobs in paddock dialog from the mob list when mobs are grouped by paddocks.
  • Task owner will be shown in the task list.

NoteBook 2.0.94


  • When you select to create a death or sale record in place of a recount the requested record type is launched
  • Improved performance of mob history handling
  • Landmarks will be reloaded after logging out and back into the app

NoteBook 2.0.93


  • Changes made to mobs that are currently joining will no longer stop and start the join with the new details. A join change record will be shown in the history
  • New harvest records will not pre-populate fields with invalid initial values.

NoteBook 2.0.91


  • Recount record can be added from the mob details page.
  • Weather will now show a 6-day forecast with the ​percentage chance of rain on each day

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